FUT 21: Joe Hart Flashback

We hear about a new card as part of the Flashback series, and is Joe Hart. We celebrate the What If promotion in this way. This version of the English goalkeeper offers a very different version of the basic card in FUT 21. The card commemorate his performance in awesome during 2011-2012 season, when he was the greatest exponent England. His challenge is easy to complete and he have great statistics.

Joe Hart Flashback is the best of the best goalkeepers available in the Premier League. As you can see in his statistics, 90 of position and 93 of reflexes are his main attribute. He lacks speed, a part from that he is a solvent goalkeeper during the penalties. You will not find another doorman without spending a fortune. Yes, you will need an 85 rating template, but with the number of packs that open in fut rivals you can put it together relatively easily.

The requirements are:

At least one Manchester City player

At least one team rating of 85

At least team chemistry of 60

11 players on the squad.

And the solution (150,000 coins approx) is:

Gulacsi (PT)

Mandanda (CFD)

Zakaria (CB)

Dubravka (RHP)

Casteels (LI)

Henderson (DCM)

Moutinho (MC)

Partey (MC)

Silva (Man City) (ED)

Zaha (EI)

Aubameyang (DC)

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