Rebuying and reentry: why do they get confused, and what are the differences between the two?

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Before you dive in though, you should find out more about how the game works. This is especially true for playing in poker tournaments online. Many players get confused with rebuying and reentry in relation to tournaments – but why is this?

Why are rebuying and reentry confused so often in poker?

There are two major reasons why these two very different terms get confused so much. The first is simply a lack of knowledge and understanding from players. Many poker players just do not really know what each means or how they differ. The second reason is that they both sound very similar and look very similar when written down.

To understand these two terms, then, it is best to get to grips with what each one means. This will also clearly show the differences between them.

What is rebuying?

Rebuying gives players the chance to reload their stack of chips while still at the table and in the game. As you are simply reloading your stack of chips, you are not seen as a brand-new player and can keep your current seat. This is naturally a positive if you have a good seat position to play from and also avoids breaking your focus.

What is reentry?

This basically refers to a poker tournament that allows players to buy their way back in when busted out. It is different from rebuying, where you do not have to leave the game first. If you reenter a poker tournament, you will be treated as a brand-new player and usually allocated a new seat. You will normally also be given your initial starting stack that you had when entering originally. This is not true for rebuying, which does not treat you as a new player.

Don’t confuse a rebuy with a reentry

Poker terminology is loaded with cool phrases to learn. Rebuying and reentry are certainly two classic examples. They are also good examples of how poker terminology can sometimes confuse people. It really is worth taking the time to find out more about them though, so that you can playin the kind of tournament you prefer.